Top 6 Best Tattoo Ink List to Make a Perfect Tattoo

Best Tattoo Ink List

A tattoo is an art that compliments your body and stays with you for long. So, it’s necessary to use the best tattoo ink so that your art looks vibrant in all the coming years. Whether it be shading or lining, both of them start with black. They are the most crucial part of tattooing. Below are some of the best tattoo inks list to mold your tattoo into a beautiful piece of art.

Black Tattoo Ink Outlines Shading Element

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It is one of the widely used tattoo ink by professionals. You can use this ink for shading, outlining, or coloring. The Element Tattoo Ink is considered the best black tattoo ink brand as it is the darkest black in the whole tattoo industry.

Moreover, it mixes well with any other brand of tattoo pigment. The time taken to heal is unbelievably quick. No solvent and acrylic have been added to the ink.

Millennium Mom’s Blackout Tattoo Ink

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This tattoo ink is a homogenized pigment mixture that can be relied on. It flows smoothly and makes sure that your art stands out. Every time you use the ink, you will receive the same color and quality. The rich tone of the ink remains the same throughout. It won’t fade away with time.

With a renowned reputation, Mom’s ink is the safest ink to use made entirely in the USA.

Stigma Black Color Tattoo Ink

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Available in 4 different shades of black, Stigma Black Color Ink is safe to use with a high pigment concentration. The color stability provides your tattoo a great texture. You even don’t need to spend much time adjusting the color density and brightness due to 4 color numbers.

Before delivering it to our customers, the ink has been tested by thousands of tattoo artists along with professional testing. The high quality of the ink makes it famous worldwide.

Bloodline Black Tattoo Ink All Purpose

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Bloodline tattoo ink is tagged with the best selling ink in the market. It is thick black tattoo ink. With magnum needle grouping, use as it is for tribal black. But for the outlining purpose, it should be mixed with distilled water, listerine, or witch hazel.

If you are using 1 part of the ink, then add three parts of the water. Make it thinner when using for shading purposes.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

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With the top ratings, it is known to be the best ink for sensitive skin. You can use it for multipurpose. This vegan ink has never been tested on animals and is cruelty-free. The ink is perfect for shading, lining, or creating greywash.

It is made in the USA and is pre-dispersed professional tattoo ink. A wide variety of colors and sizes are available in it.

Bloodline UV Nuclear Invisible Tattoo Ink

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As clear from the name, it is the blacklight sensitive ink that glows under UV light. It creates incredible visual effects in the dark. You will not be able to see the tattoo under daylight with this ink. This is a high-quality professional ink and is non-toxic also.

The pure pigment formula used in ink helps it to last for a long time. It is made in the USA and shines bright in the black light.


Once you know the purpose of buying the ink, it’s not hard to choose among them. Some inks are suitable for shading and other for the lining. People with sensitive skin can also enjoy tattooing with non-toxic inks. Enjoy your new art without any complications, and do share your experience with us.