How to Store Your Different Nail Products

Nail products are a girl’s best friend. They can help you to achieve the look you are going for, and make your nails look their best. However, storing them all in one place can be a bit of a challenge. Here is how to store them properly.

Storage Tips

Gel Polish

If you are using an OPI polish set make sure to store it in a cool, dark place. Keep the gel polish away from heat, as this can cause it to become brittle and break.

Dipping Powder

To store your dipping powder, you will need an airtight container. You can find these at most beauty supply stores or online. Make sure to label the container so you know what it is and how to use it.

Once you have your container, put all the dipping powder jars in there and seal it tight. Store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When you are ready to use it, simply open the container, dip your brush into the powder and apply it to your nails. Afterwards, close the container back on.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover should be stored at a cold temperature. You can store it in the bathroom cabinet, but make sure it is away from the toilet and shower. Also, make sure to close the lid of the bottle properly to avoid it from evaporating as it is a volatile liquid that can easily disperse.

Cuticle Cream or Oil

There are a few ways to store cuticle cream or oil. You can place it in a small container and keep it in your purse or you can keep it in your bathroom cabinet. Another option is to place it in the refrigerator. This will help to keep it fresh and prevent it from melting.

Nail Tools

To store your nail tools, you can use a small toolbox or a zip-lock bag. This will help to keep them organized and easy to find when you need them.

Nail Art

If you have nail art supplies, it is best to keep them in a separate box or bag so that they are not damaged or lost amongst your other nail products.

Nail Art Pens

Nail art pens and other products that come in pens need to be stored properly so the tips do not dry out. These can be stored by closing the cap of the pen tight and putting them all in an airtight container so no air passes through. This will protect them from drying out.

General Tips

  • Keep your products organized and easy to find so that you can save time when you are getting ready.
  • Label everything so that you know what is what, and where it goes. This will also help if you need to find something in a hurry.
  • Invest in good-quality storage containers so that your products are protected and last longer.

Why Are Well-known Brands Easy to Store?

Well-known brands like Gelixir gel polish last very long when stored properly. This is because they are produced in state-of-the-art conditions which allows them to tolerate the surrounding environmental fluctuations. As a result, they do not go bad before their expiry date. So, it is important to purchase high-quality brands to save your money in the long run.


Nail products are a fun and easy way to change up your look, but keeping them organized can be a challenge. In this article, we’ve outlined a few different ways to store your nail polishes, gels, and other products. We hope you find one that works well for you!