Nugenesis Dip Powder: Benefits, Use, and Facts

NuGenesis is a clever nail dip powder that utilizes powder products that have undergone organic processing and are filled with enriched liquids, thereby providing healthy and durable nails that have a lasting shine.

IIt has nail dipping powder products of top quality and can be found in most nail technician shops. Its products are not harmful to the environment, are strong, durable, and longer-lasting, with more water-resistant ability than many nail treatment industries, which offer traditional acrylic and liquid gel.

NuGenesis dipping powder is used in several salons to beautify nails as it is the preference of many nail lovers. Over the years, salons have used it for their customers because of its high quality.

NuGenesis dip powder must be used with practical sanitary measures, and nail technicians are encouraged. Nail Technicians are taught to take necessary steps before beginning any nail beautification.

Benefits of NuGenesis Dip Powder

NuGenesis Dip Powder is flexible and lightweight, making it easy for customers to use. It is non-toxic and has a healthier undamaged nail bed. It lets nail lovers air dry their nails and requires low maintenance, making you spend less time going to the salon.

It is chip resistant and water-resistant. NuGenesis dipping powder is environmentally friendly and filled with Calcium and Vitamin E. The dip powder gives a natural look with primers that are in no way harmful.

This dip powder is strong, durable, and has a long-lasting color and shine (although that may not be the case for fast-growing nails). In addition, the powder has no UV, making it a better choice for nail lovers.

The application of NuGenesis Dip powder is quick and comfortable. The dip powder uses an organic process, and it quickly gets off when soaked.

How to Prep Nails for French Dip Powder Manicure

It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before starting with a good antibacterial soap. Then, follow the necessary process of preparing the nails for fix and do so the proper way. After that, fix the nails properly.

Next, apply the dip powder and carefully remove any excess powder or brush it off. Proceed by using the NuGenesis Nail Base and carefully into the French dipping mould filled with French powder, remove all excesses.

Complete the necessary steps by applying the NuGenesis Nail Activator Liquid, the NuGenesis Nail Activator Liquid, and proceed to the final stage where the ten nails will be buffed, washed with only water, and dry the customer’s hands. Finally, head on to apply the NuGenesis Nail Finish Gel coat lightly.

It is essential not to apply the gel using a back-to-forward motion. Also, note that the application process for the different types of nails differs and the appropriate dip powder to use.

Facts about NuGenesis Dip Powder

The nail or beauty technician can file your nails manually after using the dipping powder application upon your request. It makes the process easier and without pain.

The time used in applying the gel is similar to the application time for NuGenesis Dip Powder. However, this is based on the technician’s experience. When removing the product, the dipping powder is less stressful to remove.

There is a general attestation to the derivation of stronger natural nails whenever the dip powder is applied to nails. Most people notice the effects upon the first application, especially people who use NuGenesis dip powder entirely for the first time.

NuGenesis Dipping Powder is a perfect choice for nail lovers who are allergic to the ingredients used in making gel and acrylic nails because the ingredients used in gel and acrylic, which result in allergic reactions, is not the same used in the dip powder.


NuGenesis dip powder technology provides excellent vibrant colors and neutral favourites for all seasons and occasions with the latest offers, most fashionable colors, and luxurious finishes for a fair rate.

Its nail dip powders are available for purchase at nail and beauty distributors, and nail lovers experience its usage in the finest nail salons and beauty spas worldwide. It is 100% made in USA & Canada with no animal cruelty attached.