Tips on How to Manage Your Dip Powder Manicure

The dip powder manicure is one of the best procedures on your nails because they last sufficiently longer than the traditional gel manicures. Besides, the dip nail powder acts as a protective layer on your nails to strengthen them and prevent chipping. However, maintaining your manicures is critical as it helps to extend the nail’s lifespan. Therefore, let us discuss some tips that should enable you to manage your dip manicure better.

Tips to Manage Your Dip Powder Manicure

Take care of your cuticles

The cuticles at the base of your nail can affect the dip powder manicure and cause the polish to lift or chip off. Therefore, maintaining your cuticles is crucial. Many people advise trimming your cuticles and shaping them. However, it is not the right thing to do. Trimming or cutting your cuticles can cause injuries that can take time to heal.

The best solution is to push the cuticles gently into their grooves. You should never force the cuticles as they might snap. Instead, you should use an orangewood cuticle pusher that is gentle on your nails. Besides, your nails should not be wet. Hence, use a lint-free wipe and keep your cuticle dry. It allows you to push your cuticles comfortably.

If your dip nail powder extends to your cuticles, they do not stick to the base properly. Hence, there are chances of the polish lifting at the edges. On the other hand, it allows for sufficient space for water to seep into the gaps and cause fungal growth.

Drying your polish under a fan is advisable

One of the best advantages of dip nail powder over gel manicures is that you do not need to use a UV lamp to cure the polish. Instead, the dip manicure dries out automatically within a couple of minutes. Besides, you can use a fan to enable quick drying.

When using a fan, it is better to use cold air. However, it is advisable not to use an air conditioner because it moistens the air. Alternatively, a hairdryer is a good option to dry your nail polish. When using a hairdryer, you can try the cool setting instead of warm.

Use a topcoat to prevent nail damage

The topcoat is a critical part of your dip powder manicure. The thickness of your topcoat decides the shine on your manicure. If you like a matte finish, you should not apply more than a couple of layers of topcoat. Using multiple layers of topcoat makes your manicure shiny.

You can also use the topcoat to strengthen your nail manicure. The best way to do so is to use a topcoat after a few days of your manicure. It helps strengthen the top layer and prevent damage like the chipping of the nail.

It is a better idea to use soap and water instead of hand sanitizers

You should take more care of your nails when you have a dip manicure. It is advisable to avoid using hand sanitizers on your nails. A better option is to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers contain dehydrating chemical compounds like alcohol. They can dry the moisture from your hands and damage the top layer of the manicure.

Besides, you should avoid rubbing your fingers strongly as it can cause the dip nail powder layer to chip off the nail and damage the manicure.

Massage your nails with cuticle oil

While avoiding hand sanitizers is the right way to go, one should keep the nails moist and hydrated to prevent the nail surface from cracking. You can use cuticle oil to massage your nails and retain the moisture.

Besides keeping your nails hydrated, cuticle oil allows the nail to remain shiny and retain the luster.

Avoid performing hard tasks that can damage your nails

The key to managing your powder dip nails well is avoiding harsh tasks like washing utensils. It can help prevent damage to your nails like breakages. Even tasks like rummaging through your handbags can damage your nails.

Biting your nails can also damage your nails. Therefore, if you are in the habit of chewing your nails, you should refrain from doing so.

Use quality products to make your manicure last longer

You get inexpensive nail manicure products in the market. However, cheap products are not advisable because the manicure does not last long. On the other hand, using high-quality products ensures that your manicure lasts comfortably for more than three to four weeks.

Final Thoughts

The dip powder procedure is the best of all the manicures because it is the easiest to master. Besides, it lasts longer than gel manicures. Secondly, it does not envisage using UV lamps to cure the manicure. Besides, dip manicures look as glamorous as your traditional gel polish nails. If maintained well. dip manicures can last as long as your acrylic nails. Dip powder manicures provide the strength and stability of an acrylic manicure and the glamor quotient of a gel manicure.