Top 5 Best Infrared Saunas for a Joyful, Natural and Healthy Lifestyle

Best Infrared Saunas

The constant use of a sauna offers us many healthy benefits. The best thing about the world we live in today is that, we have evolved from the traditional professional spa treatment. An at home sauna can be purchased and it can offer you the same benefits a professional spa would give. With so many products on the market, choosing could be difficult. This research is there to help you find a portable sauna best suited for you.

Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable personal sauna

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The portable personal sauna from Radiant Saunas is the ultimate relaxation hub! It can be easily set up within a minute and can be collapses soon after use which makes it possible to set up a sauna anywhere anytime! It boasts of 3 carbon heating panels that distribute heat to the whole body equally, with the added advantage of a foot heater as well. This sauna is humidity resistant because of the moisture resistant fabric it is made from. Another amazing feature of this portable sauna is the custom fitting canvas seat that it comes with that is both strong and durable. The hand held control provides you with 6 timer options so as to allow you choose the time you want to enjoy the sauna.

Uttiny Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

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This Sauna blanket has a temperature range from 35 to 75 degrees and has an automatic detector that can stop the sauna once it gets to over 85 degrees thus creating a safe environment. This sauna allows for weight loss and detoxification that is healthy by oxidizing the fat into carbon dioxide, water , other oxygen compounds and sweat. The time can be set from as little as 15 minutes to as much as 60 minutes. Loose weight while laying down and relaxing with this amazing sauna blanket! This blanket can be folded after use making it the one of the best portable infrared saunas.

Smartmak Portable Sauna Tent

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This portable sauna tent is very economical. This sauna can be carried around as it is very light and can be folded and put into storage when its not in use. It comes in six different colors that have a transparent view to allow you see the outside or open it for a breath of fresh air. It has double sided zippers that allow the sauna tent to be opened from both the inside and the outside. This gives off all the advantages of a wooden sauna minus the complexities of setting it up!

Far Infrared Relax Sauna

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This infrared relax sauna from Far has a lot of health benefits for the human body which are inclusive of, relieving symptoms of inflammation arthritis, Lyme, lupus ,wound healing, weight loss whilst strengthening the immune system. This is by far the best infrared sauna experience that one can have as it also possesses various anti aging benefits. This is an easy to use, easy to carry sauna that can be used both indoors and outdoors!

Durasage Lightweight Portable Personal Steam Sauna

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This sauna is portable and can be easily detached for storage. There is a timer that can be set for a relaxation period of up to 60 whole minutes! What’s more is that this portable sauna has a front pocket that allows you to keep all your necessities like the phone, remote close by. For a more enjoyable experience, you can add a flower or essential oils before use. The hands and head can be extended out to allow you to do other activities like reading, listening to music or watching television!


A sauna provides the human body with so many benefits ranging from, reducing fat, acne, stress, body ache and straining of the muscles. Its always convenient to be able to swing a personal sauna session in the comfort of your own home. You have all the benefits of visiting a professional but you can do it anytime, anywhere in accordance to your own timetable. It is wise to make a pick from the from some of the best products.