Tips to Remove Gel Polish at Home Comfortably

It is a fantastic feeling being able to display beautifully manicured gel nails. The best aspect of gel polish is that it lasts long. Hence, you do not have to worry much about its removal. However, all good things should come to an end. As you pass the third week, DND DC gel polish can get uncomfortable because the nail’s natural growth mechanism keeps pushing the nail further up the nail bed. It can cause weight imbalances leading to chipping and cracking of the nails.

The ideal way to tackle such a situation is to remove the DND DC gel polish. The question on everyone’s mind is how to do it, especially with nail salons and studios closed due to the pandemic panic. You have an alternative, and that is to remove gel polish at home. No, we are not kidding. It is easy to remove gel polish at home. All you need are the right ingredients and the right amount of practice.

The necessary ingredients

You will need these items ready on hand to remove gel polish at home.

  • Acetone solution – It is the best universally renowned nail polish remover.
  • Cotton Balls – They make it easy for acetone application.
  • Manicure Sticks – They are ideal for scratching away the debris.
  • Nail File – It is necessary to remove the topcoat layer.
  • Aluminum Foil – They help to hold the cotton balls in place.
  • Nail Brush – They are useful to dust off the gel remnants.

Step By Step Remove Gel Polish

Here is the procedure to follow for removing DND gel polish from your nails.

File the top coat gently

If you remember, you had applied a topcoat to lend a glossy shine to your nail when having the DND DC gel manicure. This topcoat layer is the first one that needs removal. It helps to accelerate the process. The logic is that you have one layer less to remove if you file off the topcoat.

Use your nail file/buff to file away the topcoat layer gently. It is easy to do so, but you should remember to be gentle with your hands. If you scratch away using your full force, you could end up chipping the nail and damaging it. Mind my words, repairing a damaged nail can take many months to heal.

The crucial aspect of this gel polish removal procedure is to know when to stop. It is better to inspect your nails under a light. If it reveals shine patches, you might have to file further. There should be a thin coat left on the nail as otherwise, you would compromise with your nail’s integrity.

Soak your nails in acetone

The next part of the DND gel polish removal procedure is to soak your nails in acetone. You can do it in two ways. Take some acetone solution in a bowl and soak your nails in it directly. A better solution is to soak cotton balls in acetone and place them over your nails. It helps to concentrate the acetone on your nails rather than your skin.

You can bind the cotton balls with aluminum foil to keep them in place. The soaking procedure can take some time. Depending on the extent of DND DC polish on your nails, the soaking time increases. Generally, you have to do so for around half an hour for a thorough job. On removing the cotton balls, you will find the polish falling off your nails easily.

Buff the remaining polish away

You can use the sterilized nail buff to buff the polish away gently. You can apply a little pressure to your nails and use a cuticle stick or a manicuring brush to scrape out the debris. The polish should slide off automatically. If it does not do so, you have to repeat the soaking procedure for some more time. It is advisable to use a fresh cotton ball and soak it in acetone before applying it to the nail for a few more minutes.

Finally, you can wash your hands with soap and water to keep the nail naturally hydrated. Acetone has a reputation for being a dehydrating substance.

Apply Cuticle Oil to keep your nails hydrated and healthy

As acetone removes the natural oils and moisture from your nails, your nails can become brittle. You can apply cuticle oil to the nail and the skin that comes in touch with acetone. Cuticle oil helps to rehydrate the nail by replenishing the natural oils. One should also consider maintaining a healthy diet to nurse the nails back to their original glory. This process can take around a week. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a week or so gap before going in for your next DND manicure.


Following the gel polish removal tips mentioned above can help you remove gel polish at home. Keep watching this dedicated space for more beauty tips on nail care.