Different Yellow Nail Polish Shades to Brighten up Your Day

How would you react if I said there are 145 shades of yellow colors? I bet you would roll your eyes in surprise and maybe, disbelief. But, yellow offers extensive options to brighten up your nails. We shall discuss the most prominent yellow shades of nail polish people use. We agree that yellow might not suit every skin tone, and it requires guts to carry off yellow. But, no one can deny that yellow can captivate people’s interest and make you the center of attraction. DND daisy gel polish has a superb range of yellow in its ranks. Let us discuss these yellow DND nail colors and see which shade suits you best.

Yellow Shades to Wear in 2022

Lemon yellow

Lemon yellow is somewhere between light and medium yellow. This color corresponds with the rind of ripe lemon fruit. People with dark skin benefit the most from this bright lemon yellow shade because it serves as the perfect contrast to the skin tone. This color suits young women in their twenties because young girls love to experiment more than older women.

Canary yellow

Canary yellow is the best shade for summer because it is a bright yellow shade. The color corresponds with the feathers of the canary bird you usually find singing in the mornings. This bright yellow shade suits the summer months because it reflects heat and cools the nail surface. Besides, it is a perfect base color for several nail art designs.

Light yellow

While the lemon and canary yellows look beautiful with glossy finishes, the light yellow shade looks best with a matte finish. It has a pale undertone, similar to a banana fruit but with higher saturation levels. The light yellow can also be compared to the butterscotch ice cream. So, it is one of the most beautiful yellow DND nail colors to wear on your nails.

Citrine yellow

Citrine yellow has more shades of green in it than other yellows. This color compares well with citrus fruits like sweet lime and unripe lemons. It is a warm shade that suits almost all skin tones. This color shade is perfect for spring as the greenish undertones gel beautifully with the greenery you witness this season. DND daisy gel polish has a beautiful citrine yellow shade in its repertoire that can enhance your overall attraction quotient to the next level.


Saffron is a deep yellow shade that is closer to orange than green. It is a medium golden yellow shade that looks perfect for middle-aged women in their thirties. Fair-skinned women can have the saffron shade on their nails as an ideal alternative to the bright orange. Saffron is a subdued color and is the best yellow shade to wear to the office. So, if you want to impress your superiors and clients, businesswomen can turn to the saffron DND nail colors.


Trombone yellow is a dull shade that matches the metallic brass shades more than the bright sunshine yellow colors. Though this color does not shine as bright as the golden yellow hues, trombone yellow is a beautiful color for your nails. People with a yellowish tinge on their skins can look gorgeous with the trombone yellow gel polish set on their nails. Though trombone yellow might not make a forceful fashion statement, it is an all-season color.

Lemon chiffon

Lemon chiffon is a warm yellow shade that suits almost all occasions. Besides, it gels perfectly with your attire and enhances your presentability quotient. This shade is darker than the light yellow shades and is best with a matte finish. Another exciting aspect of the lemon chiffon tinge is its compatibility with all skin tones. So, even if you have tanned skin, the lemon chiffon DND gel polish is the ideal choice.


Many people mistake the goldenrod yellow with golden yellow. Both these colors are vastly different. The goldenrod is closer to mustard yellow and resembles the mustard plant flowers more than your gold ornaments. The goldenrod yellow is one of the best nail polish shades for a French manicure. The white edge looks beautiful on the yellow goldenrod base.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed eight yellow hues that are ideal for your nails. But, the list of yellow nails does not end here because you have beautiful color options like sunshine yellow, flax, clover lime, xanthic, etc. The lighter yellow shades are beautiful and suit people with tanned skin because they are the perfect alternative to white. The creamy yellows offer a soothing experience and are ideal for summer. But, on the other hand, the deeper shades suit the winter months more. So, you can call yellow one of the most versatile DND nail colors.