DND Gel Polish – Enhancing the Beauty of Your Nails

What is one thing that unites all the women globally irrespective of the country they reside in, color, race, and religion? The answer should be simple. It is ‘Nail Polish.’ Every woman in the world today would love to beautify her nails using the best-quality nail polish. Can there be a better option than DND gel polish? Besides enhancing the woman’s beauty, it takes her confidence levels up by several notches.

Well-manicured nails are always a treat to admire. Now, it takes some effort on the woman’s part to achieve this distinction. Let us now see how to apply gel polish most professionally without going to a nail salon. Does it sound impossible to you? By the time you finish reading the next couple of paragraphs, it should not.

DND Gel Polish – The trick behind applying it professionally

No one can deny that a professional nail technician is the best person to approach a quality manicure job. However, not everyone has the time required to stop all the other work and frequently go to the salon. These tips and tricks to apply gel polish should help every woman do a professional job.

  • Use a sterilized manicure file to shape your nails. Protruding or sharp nails can chip off and spoil the show. Hence, it is essential to have shapely nails without any split edges.
  • Alcohol 99% or acetone are excellent liquids to clean your nails. Besides removing the dirt, these liquids are disinfectants. They eliminate the germs and the dirt and prepare the ideal platform for you to apply nail polish.
  • Choose your favorite DND Gel Polish (100% gel) from the fantastic range of products. We understand your predicament as it can be challenging to pick out your favorite from over the hundreds of exquisite colors on display. For your wholesale nail supplies, contact us to get the best products delivered at your dressing table.
  • Use a clean brush and paint a minimum of two to three coats. Please do not go for a thick coat, as it can be difficult to remove later on.
  • The best aspect of DND is that it is easy to apply. Besides, this polish can last for at least 21 days without fading.
  • Seal the top portion of the nails after every coat to give it a glossy sheen. The brighter it is, the more incredible it looks. However, for women who prefer a matte finish, there are plenty of options available.
  • Gel polish can be sticky when compared to dip powder polish. Hence, it would help if you dried every coat using a UV or LED lamp. The advantage of using the UV lamp is that it can kill the tiny microbes that could settle down on the wet coat and make your nails unhealthy.
  • Once the coat has dried up, use alcohol 99% to clean the nails. We have already enumerated before the disinfecting effects of alcohol.
  • You end up with a perfect set of nails adorned with your favorite color gel polish.

Now, do you still feel that it is not possible to acquire a salon-like perfection at home? You should not because the gel polish can enhance your self-confidence levels to a different level where you feel that you can achieve anything. Applying gel polish should be a piece of cake.

Here are some DND gel polish specific tips.

  • For the base of the nails, use Basecoat 500 of your favorite color shade.
  • Take time off for about a minute to dry the coat under a UV lamp.
  • Proceed to apply gel polish of the color of your choice. DND makes available more than 500 different shades that have never been discontinued to date. It speaks volumes of the product because it can be the most challenging thing to satisfy a woman. Jokes apart, DND polish is incredible in its performance.
  • Take a minute off again to allow the coat to dry under a UV lamp.
  • Finally, apply a top coating like DND 600 and proudly show off your nails to everyone.

Benefits of using DND nail polish

  • Can there be a better benefit than owning the most beautiful-looking nails in the world?
  • Gel polish lasts for a minimum of 21 days.
  • 100% gel polish is the most suitable product to use as it does not run, shrink, wrinkle, and lasts long.
  • Removing gel polish is also an easy job.
  • The organic materials that go into the preparation of gel polish do not react with your food ingredients. Hence, it is safe to eat with your hands.

Concluding thoughts

DND gel polish can transform you into a woman of tremendous confidence. Get genuine wholesale nail supplies from our distributorship network. We guarantee the best so that you can look and feel more beautiful than anyone in the world.