Overview of Kiara Sky Dip Powder Kits for Your Beautiful Nails

Kiara sky is one of the famous nail care production companies known for its production of top-tier dip powders. Dip powder is a nail care product, just like gels and polishes. Dip powders are applied to the nails with the use of a bonding liquid, the dip powder is in powder form, and you’ll have to dip your fingers in the powder after applying the bonding liquid.

Kiara sky makes dip powders in several colors; there are over 200 different dip powders from Kiara sky. Kiara sky also makes gels and polishes, but their dip powder lime is more famous.

Kiara Sky colors are lightweight, long-lasting, and do not harm the nail bed. Dip powders are made of elements that would put the nails in a healthy state. Some of the benefits of Kiara sky dip powders are: long-lasting, time saving, it does not need UV light, and it gives the nails a professional look.

Differences between Kiara Sky Dip Powders and Kiara Sky Gels and Polishes

Kiara sky is a company that produces all types of nail care products, from gels and polishes to dip powders and other accessories. The dip powder is similar to gel and polishes with the purpose they serve. But dip powder is different because gels and polishes have an acrylic scent that dip powder does not have. Dip powder is free of the acrylic smell of gels which triggers the allergies of some customers.

Also, dip powder is different in the mode of application. Dip powder is not applied to the nails like gels and polishes; you have to dip your fingers in the powder after applying the bonding liquid on your nails hence the name dip powders.

Another difference between dip powders and gels is how much time it takes to apply; dip powders averagely take between 35 to 40 minutes to use appropriately while gels and polishes take more because gels and waxes need UV or LED light to cure after the application wh, ich dips powders do not need. After dropping your nails in the powder, you do not need any light to fix it. The powder would stick on the nails because of the bonding liquid.

How to Remove Dip Powders

Dip powders are as easy to remove as they are to apply. There are up to three methods to remove dip powder from the nail. The first method is by filing the powder’s shine off the nails before dipping your fingers in acetone. Then remove your fingers after 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe them off with a clean piece of cloth.

Another method is to cotton buds in acetone then use it to wipe the powder off the nails. And the last way is to dip your fingers in acetone for about 15 minutes before cleaning with a white cloth.

Unlike gels and polishes, you can apply another dip powder on your nails immediately after removing the last one.

Kiara Sky Kits

Kiara Sky also makes different dip powder collections like the ones made for gels and polishes; collections like kits, amongst others. Some of the popular Kiara Sky dip powder kits are listed below:

Dip System Starter Color Kit

The Dip System Starter Color Kit is an essential nail care product kits for dip powder users. This kit is the most popular dip powder kit from Kiara sky, and starters or amateurs should sort out their favorite dip colors. The kit has 12 mail care products which are Bond, Base, Top, Seal Protect, Nourish Oil, Brush Saver, Natural Powder, Clear Powder, Signature Powder (Nude Color), Signature Powder (Red Color), Signature Powder (Gold glitter) and a KS recycling System.

Many customers have praised Kiara Sky for compiling this kit which is arguably the best dip powder kit.

Dip System French Starter Kit

The Dip System French Starter Kit is also a foremost fop powder kit from Kiara Sky. This kit is themed with the French classics of nail care. It is an easy and straightforward kit that has 12 products also which are Bond, Base, Top, Seal Protect, Nourish Oil, Brush Saver, Natural Powder, Pure White, Light Pink Powder, Dark Pink Powder, Medium Pink Powder, and a KS Dip Case. This kit can be taken to a salon to know the different types of designs you can make with it.

There are some other dip powder kits by Kiara Sky, but the two above are the famous and most essential dip powder kits you can lay your hands on.


Dip powders are becoming the new popular choice for women because of their harmless advantages. Although Kiara Sky is not the only company that manufactures dip powders, they are a few companies that make dip powder kits to make it easier for their customers to do manicures.

Kiara Sky dipping powder has compiled several kits, but the two most essential and popular kits are the Dip System Starter Color Kit and Dip System French Starter Kit.