Steal the Show with 3D Flower Nail Designs Using LDS Nails Dip Powder

Love flowers but they are not always available? Well you no longer have to wait for the right season to see those gorgeous florets as you may now 3D Flower Nail Designs to imagine the magnificent scene of your favourite flower on your fingers. We have created a list of the chicest design that you can try any time of the year.

3D Flower Nail

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Remember the iconic movie where Audrey Hepburn used to stand in front of the famous jewellery store and for sure the iconic color of the wall lingers on your memory. You may now recreate that scene in the movie on your fingernails using LDS D01 Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the tiffany green coat nails with 3D white flower and green rhinestones will surely channel your inner Holly Golightly.

Pro Tip: Instead of using an artificial flower that you can buy on nail shops, you can actually create your own flower by dipping a brush in LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and LDS French White. You may create petals using this technique then accentuate it with rhinestones. The use of nail dip powder in this technique will guarantee that it will last longer than artificial ones.

  1. 3D Smoke Blue Floral Nails

Now that you have learned how to make your own flower using nail dip powder and LDS Liquid Sealer, you can be a little playful and create a more colorful one. You can wear this nail design on beach weddings or to match your summer OOTD. The combination of LDS D09 Smoke Blue and LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary will surely emulate the ocean vibe.

Pro Tip: Accentuate your 3D Flowers with gold adornment to jazz up your look. Make sure to cure the decorated nail under the UV/LED Light for 30 seconds to completely bake your flowers.

  1. Ombre Nails with White Flowers

Making your own flower is easy peasy right? Let’s take that skill to the next level and create an ombre nails for a wonderful summer. Your LDS D74 Black List will look good in any color. In this case, we’ll go for black-purple ombre, black-blue ombre and black-yellow ombre. The ombre technique in this design will still work even if summer is over. Because your love for flowers doesn’t have to be dependent on the season, right?

Pro Tip: Instead of one layered flower, you can go for a double layered one by creating a smaller flower on top of the bigger one and for sure it will be realistic as ever. This design doesn’t use any adornment because the ombre effect itself is stunning enough. The good thing about these designs is since we used nail dipping powder and LDS Liquid Sealer Dry, you will surely enjoy your nails 3x longer than using an artificial flower. Don’t worry about doing your normal every chores because it is the Sealer Dry will hold everything in place.